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Why us?

Our own production facilities

We create equipment for escape rooms since 2014 and thanks to the experience we can guarantee the quality of the product.

More than 100 happy customers

More than 300 escape rooms with our scenarios, props and electronics successfully work at almost all the continents (only Africa and Antarctica are without them).

Do everything from scenario to installation

We are ready to do all the work on an escape room by ourselves, and you will not have to think about how to launch an escape room.

Not only escape rooms

We can offer you many different formats which will amaze even experienced escape room lovers: role-playing games, games in the imagination and so on.

Different budgets for different goals

We can calculate the cost of your idea and make your escape room so that it corresponds your budget.

Support on any questions

We will accompany you during the whole work on opening an escape room and will help you to solve any question.

Turnkey Escape Rooms



We can offer you one of the 30 scenarios, quests for which have already been built, or write a unique script specifically for you. Quests are written by professional scriptwriters who work on programs for the First Channel, STS and Russia 1.



We produce puzzles of any complexity. It can be both electronic and mechanical Escape Room elements. In addition, we can create all the necessary equipment, pack it in a small suitcase and send it to you. Sensors, controllers, wires, speakers, monitors – this is an incomplete list of Escape Room equipment that we can do for you.



It is thanks to multimedia Escape Room guests as much as possible immersed in the atmosphere of the game and believe in the reality of what is happening. We can provide you with everything that is needed for this: the music accompanying the guests throughout the game, the video included at a certain moment and producing the desired effect, design materials for the Escape Room itself and for its website or facebook group.


Turnkey Escape Room

If you do not have the necessary skills, desire or time, you can order a turnkey Escape Room from us: the complete creation of a Escape Room from writing a script to launching commercial games. You can forget about difficult tasks, we will do everything for you!


Our cases

Name of the escape room: Serial killer

City: Ekaterinburg (Russia)

About the escape room:

  • Do you think you are brave?
  • Are you sure that you are not afraid of anything?
  • Are you ready to challenge your fears?
  • Will you be able to win Dr. Lecter and his assistant of you will go to the scariest dinner in your life?

What did we do:

  • Wrote a scenario;
  • Prepared a suitcase;
  • Made a turnkey repairs;
  • Installed the video surveillance

Net profit of the client: $3300 per month!

Name of the escape room: Alice’s Dream

City: Moscow

About the escape room:

You are invited to an insanely important event…Plunge into a magic world of books about Alice, catch the White Rabbit’s tail and don’t forget to think about a way back before climbing somewhere!

What did we do:

  • Prepared the turnkey scenario;
  • Made a repairs in the room;
  • Totally implemented the electronics of the escape room;
  • Created props;

Net profit of the client: $6400 per month!



Implementation of the most difficult puzzles is possible because of electronics which we make from scratch until the end.


We create software for escape rooms for administrators to have a possibility to control them.


With our props you can really immerse your players into the escape room atmosphere.


Our decoration make players believe that everything around them is real.

Design projects

We create design projects that will help you understand what the finished escape room will look like.


We write scenarios so that passing escape rooms based on them would be as interesting as possible.


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