Bank robbery

  • Genre Adventure
  • Min area 150 sq. feet
  • Number of rooms 2
  • Complexity Medium
  • Players, age 2-4, 14+
  • Puzzles 16

Escape room legend

Robbing a bank is not too easy, but you’ve prepared very well. You chose a perfect time, built a tunnel and got right to the main vault. The end of the good news! First of all, when you left the tunnel, it closed with earth right behind your backs. Secondly, you found a new security system that calls police automatically when feeling that the safes are being cracked. There’s nothing to do: you have to steal everything you can and get out before the police arrives. But be careful: the bank is new and not all the safes are filled with something valuable.

Cost: $13200

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At the moment the escape room is opened in USA (Dallas).

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