Other dimension

  • Genre Steampunk
  • Min area 450 sq.feet
  • Number of rooms 3
  • Complexity medium
  • Players, age 2-4, 12+
  • Puzzles 20

Escape room legend

You are a group of scientists who have been researching the secret areas of physics. During one of experiments, something went wrong and you got to a different dimension. In this alternative universe there are no familiar devices and equipment, here mankind has perfectly mastered the mechanics and technology of steam engines, here people live by different rules and laws. In this steampunk dimension, you can only rely on yourself. You need to apply all your knowledge and logic to return home, but hurry, because time is running out and there is a risk to stay here forever.

Escape room Example

At the moment the escape room is open in the USA (San Francisco)

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