• Genre For families
  • Min area 300 sq. feet
  • Number of rooms 2
  • Complexity low
  • Players, age 2-5, 7+
  • Puzzles 14

Escape room legend

When you decided to rent an old house, you were warned that this house keeps its secrets, but even the last disappearance of its previous owners did not protect you from this fabulous country cottage. Having stopped by and settled down, you hear distant sounds of drums. This rhythmic call takes you to the attic of a house that remembers its previous owners and must remain sealed under the terms of the lease. It seems that this music comes … from the board game? The game that knows how to set deadly traps. The game that was started long before you came to this house!

Cost: $19150

Escape room Example

At the moment the escape room is opened in Russia (Rostov-on-Don).

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What include in the set

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