Tesla Mystery

  • Genre Sci-fi detective
  • Min area 350 sq.feet
  • Number of rooms 3
  • Complexity High
  • Players, age 2-10, 12+
  • Puzzles 28

Escape room legend

The great scientist Nikola Tesla devoted his life to the development of men’s knowledge of the possibilities of energy. Through countless scientific works and experiments, he created a powerful generator that can transmit colossal energy to absolutely any point on the planet. This foreshadowed an unprecedented development of humanity, but it was extremely dangerous, because at any moment everything could get out of control and lead to disastrous consequences. Unfortunately, this has happened, recently uncontrolled emissions of energy have been fixed. You need to urgently arrive at the secret laboratory of the scientist and help prevent a catastrophe.

Cost: $23690

Escape room Benefits

Escape room Example

At the moment the escape room is open in Russia (Novosibirsk), USA (Portland).

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