VR Safe Night

  • Genre Thriller, shooter
  • Min area 400 sq. feet
  • Number of rooms 1
  • Complexity Medium
  • Players, age 4, 16+
  • Puzzles 0

Escape room legend

The year is 2041. The world is in ruins after nuclear war that ended several years ago. Radiation incinerated every living thing, turning most of the survivors into mutant monsters. Only a few have retained their mind, including your team, a group of tired and hungry travelers on their way to a military base, protected and free from radiation. In search of a shelter from irradiated pursuers, you got to the agreed point of evacuation – a protected zone in an abandoned factory complex.

Escape room Benefits

This is a 30-minute game for 2-4 people, in which players are in virtual reality, walk around the room with guns, see their arms and legs, see each other, pick up real objects, see their copies in the virtual world, solve puzzles and fight against opponents of 10 types.

Escape room Example

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